Valheim wikis, guides and walkthroughs in one place.

1. Get the right wiki from Valheim just by asking.
Use the built-in wiki with Fridai.

2. Access the cheat codes if you need them.
Fridai is only there when you need it, so nothing will bother you or break the game.

3. Any other info you need, we got it in-game.
No more Alt-Tab out or searching while playing!

Give Fridai a try! It's free and always will be.

Are you searching for anything in Valheim?

1. Get answers to your questions right away via voice:
Use our built-in knowledge base with Fridai.

2. You decide when you need it:
Fridai is only there when you need it, so nothing will bother you!

3. Never break the game experience:
No more Alt-Tab out or searching while playing!

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Fridai is an in-game voice assistant for Valheim

It was created by a bunch of Valheim players who enjoy the game and constantly had to look up some things that we were unsure of. Like how do you exactly tame the boars???

It made us think about creating a knowledge base of all these different questions and realized we can bring it into the game with Fridai, so it’s always there but ONLY when you need it!

It’s nice to keep Fridai around, in case you have any question about Valheim you want to ask and don’t want to leave the game.

Fridai does not live in the game, so it will not break it, it uses an overlay to show it’s listening and you can just ask away. Check out the video!

Give Fridai a try! It's free and always will be.

Just some examples of lore Fridai knows

Hey Fridai, how to tame a boar?

"You can tame boars by building a pen and feeding them."

Hey Fridai, what does repairing cost?

"It doesn't cost anything to repair."

Hey Fridai, where can I find Haldor the merchant?

"Haldor the merchant can be found randomly in the Black Forest biome"

Hey Fridai, give me tips to kill the troll.

"Trolls are slow and easy to dodge by utilizing side-strafing and rolling. You should also be aware that they are capable destroying trees which can fall and harm the player."

Hey Fridai, what to do after defeating the Elder?

"You can go back to the Elder's altar and mount his trophy on the stone. This will give you the Forsaken Power ability."

Using Fridai is only the first step, help us make it better!

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If you’re worried, feel free to try our Microsoft Store version.

Fridai - Project Ambitious case study

Our case study shows how the game “Revn” has been using Fridai as an integrated solution and the results generated.

It is a useful read if you want to understand more about how active game time, pre-, in- and post-game engagement affects revenues.