Tutorial Reel

Controls / Movement
use the mouse and left click to direct the boat around the map. explore around the map to the fishing spots. press E to interact with the fishing spots. time your presses of E when the fish reach the middle of the spot. you may have to time multiple times in order to catch a fish. you can access the menu that shows what fish you have caught and the fish to discover in the top right corner. click on it to open the menu up and click again on it or the red X to close it. if you want to go to the next page of fish just click the next button.

Tips / hints
there are 3 different “area’s” in the game.

  • the open ocean
  • the rocky area
    -and the sea weed jungle

in the open ocean you can find:
-flying fish
-the grouper
-and you have a 1 : 24 chance of pulling the stinky boot

in the rocky area you can find:
-the flat fish
-the sea cucumber
-the eel
-gold fish
-and have a 1 : 24 chance of pulling the wrench
-in the rocky area you can also find a fishing spot that always pulls the “turtle killer” in the top right corner in the map surrounded by rocks. with two buoys inside

finally in the seaweed jungle you can find:
-the squid
-the blue tang
-the angel fish
-the clownfish
-and the prawn

Each fish has their own stats like how fast they head to the middle and how many times you have to time pressing E in order to catch them.