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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with a Gaming Assistant

If you are into gaming and also love the Vikings series on Netflix, there is no way you are not super-hyped for Ubisoft’s upcoming title, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Furthermore, this probably means none less than HEAVEN to you as well.

Here at Fridai, we are generally focusing on titles with repetitive tasks, that a lot of times require the players to step out of the game, go on the internet to search for information they cannot find within the game, or simply they would have to put a lot of time and effort to get that information.

Since there are tons of collectibles, places to discover, etc. in AC games, we can easily pick stuff we can build a skill around. However, we think there are different aspects of Valhalla’s gaming experience that could benefit from a voice-based gamer assistant integration. 

Background stories & lore

We love Viking lore and literally cannot wait to learn more about it while raiding old England. 

While reading stone carvings and paintings in a beautiful scenery is fun, sometimes you just want to learn more about certain characters on the go (maybe on a horseback), without having to stop or go to the menu to look things up. 

Lore and background stories can be the bread & butter of Fridai, since this intelligent gaming assistant can share more information on certain characters and mythical creatures (or basically anything) anytime the player needs it. Want to learn more about Viking lore? Just ask Fridai! 

For example: “Hey Fridai, who is Loki?”

Lore & additional background information, on-demand by Fridai


Whenever there is a new Assassin’s Creed game, Ubisoft introduces new gameplay mechanics. Let’s be honest: they are doing a pretty good job of this as well, BUT as every player that just cannot wait to jump into the action, we tend to skip some tutorials…occasionally. This leads to getting stuck at some point. Awkward & frustrating.

For example I remember in Assassin’s Creed Origins, I could not recall how to change Day into Night, and after multiple search attempts within the game, I ended up doing what I hate the most while playing: searching the internet…

One of the greatest things about Fridai is that every information you need while playing is on-demand, just an ask away. For example in my situation, I could have just asked: “Hey Fridai, how can I toggle between day and night?” No searching on the internet = immersion saved.

As Valhalla seems to be packed with cool new stuff, an on-demand tutorial/ onboarding Fridai skill will definitely come in handy. 

Ability & item prices

As we discussed in the intro part, Fridai can also help out with a lot of repetitive tasks within the game. Great examples for this are the ability & item prices. Nobody can keep it in their mind, how much an ability or a certain item costs. As Ubisoft stears more and more towards RPG-s with every new installation of Assassin’s Creed, keeping everything in mind can prove trickier to the players. 

Need a new mount to get you faster to your destination? Maybe you want a new shiny hammer to crush through enemy lines without dying 10 times?

You either go to an NPC that sells these, or you need to stop the game, navigate to the specific menu, and search for it. With Fridai, it is just an ask & answer situation. No need to pause because Fridai will tell you instantly how much certain things cost. 

Item prices & tips by Fridai, on-demand

There is a pretty good chance that Valhalla will beat every Viking game known to gamers so far and we think that by integrating Fridai, we can amplify the level of immersion even more.  

By the way, with Fridai’s Spotify skill (don’t forget to connect your Spotify premium account first), you can already listen to the soundtrack for Valhalla, just say “Hey Friday, play the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla playlist”. 

How to get Fridai?

  1. Go to or search for Hello Fridai in the Microsoft Store 
  2. Download & signup & login
  3. Check out the My Fridai menu to learn more about Fridai’s skills
  4. Have fun playing your game without having to leave it