Play Rust with Fridai

The time has come for a voice assistant to enter the world of Rust so players can use it to discover everything the world of Rust has to offer – with a trusted companion on your side.

Here’s how it works, just 3 easy steps:

1. Play with Rust

2. Get Fridai for free using the link below

3. Whenever you feel like accessing a guide or asking another player, just ask Fridai first

Did Fridai get it right? Great! Fridai made a mistake? Join our Discord and tell us what went wrong!

Remember, it’s still under development and you can help us create how Fridai can really enhance the Rust Experience!

Discord Community

Here’s a link to our Discord community, where you can ask anything from the developers, regarding the contest or just join the conversation about everyday topics, supported games and even more importantly if you have any feedback about Fridai!

Fridai - Project Ambitious case study

Our case study shows how the game “Revn” has been using Fridai as an integrated solution and the results generated.

It is a useful read if you want to understand more about how active game time, pre-, in- and post-game engagement affects revenues.