Use our voice assistant to reach your players.

Voice technology is the natural extension of gaming and it helps you keep your players focused on playing the game and not Alt-Tabbing out.

Think of Fridai as a direct response marketing tool, providing a new direct engagement channel to your users that understands purchase intents, too – and you do not have to write a single line of code.

Fridai – as it is installed on PCs – gives studios a new touchpoint to include in the marketing mix to reach users before, during and after gameplay. 

21 %
Increase in active gameplay
17 %
Possible revenue add, by driving back almost-buyers

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Our Value Proposition

Fridai stays with the gamers from the moment they turn on their device until they shut it down.
Think of it as an AI powered account manager built into the game, speaking to gamers in the right moment with the right message.

  • Upload your game’s knowledge base to Fridai
  • Target gamers with the right content at the right time
  • Relay gameplay based messages such as sponsored content or relevant in-game purchases

Game publishers use Fridai to get their message across to gamers. Before, during or after gameplay – as a new marketing touchpoint.

Fridai as a marketing touchpoint

Game Rules

In-game accessible knowledge base

Gamers can access your game’s knowledge base without having to look at another screen – increasing their active in-game time


Hyper personalized communication

Deliver messages based on how gamers behave in and outside of your game. Did someone just ask Fridai when a DLC is coming out? Find them right there with the right offer!


Purchase assistant & assisted conversions

Fridai notifies gamers to return and finish their purchase of items they expressed interest for or even added to their cart – if applicable. Fridai sends these messages at the right moment to improve conversions.

Game Analysis

(Re)activate gamers pre-, in-, and post game

With Fridai you will have the gamers’ ears – before, during and after – their gameplay. With Fridai’s proactive messaging, you can engage gamers from Day 1 and grow them into sustainable players.


Aligned with the gamer motivation level - analytics integration

Depending on how motivated gamers are to play your game (e.g. did they just lose a match, are they on a winning streak etc.) you can tailor the right ad or sponsored content to keep them engaged. Plug in your analytics software and use Fridai to deliver your message – from ads to sponsored content.


Customer Service Automation - a natural extentsion

Using Fridai gamers can submit bugs, errors or other customer service messages in form of a note and even take a photo of their problems – giving you the chance to better act on these issues.

How it works?

Pricing that grows with your game

User (re)activation

$ 0
month / user
  • We will help your title to reach gamers pre-, and post game by (re)activating them. Imagine an opportunity when you can remind gamers about new features, DLC's, skins or any update about your title before or after a session. With Fridai it is possible.

Purchase assistant

of generated revenue
  • Imagine an A.I. powered sales agent, who is helping you to target gamers in the right moments to draw attention to your newest available skins, DLC's, gold bundle, gem pack or premium feature. This agent is called Fridai, the Gamer Assistant.

Gaming with Fridai

Gamers have an undisrupted gaming experience with Fridai, as they do not need to pause, exit – leave the game to find the necessary guides or information.

They can also activate tools such as screenshots and videos from inside the game – and our library of games and tools is always increasing!

Fridai's Intro video

We have been working hard on creating a channel – using voice technology and AI – that can become like a friend for gamers. Our goal is to build a product that gamers love and have their distractions removed so they can focus purely on the one thing they want to – gaming. Utilizing such a new channel on the game publisher’s side, new opportunities open up for custom tailored and hyper personalized communication.

Fridai - Project Ambitious case study

Our case study shows how the game “Revn” has been using Fridai as an integrated solution and the results generated.

It is a useful read if you want to understand more about how active game time, pre-, in- and post-game engagement affects revenues.