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Fridai is committed to creating an amazing and inclusive gaming experience.

With a growing set of features and functionality to support accessibility needs, Fridai empowers players by providing tools they can use to enhance their gameplay.

We would love to hear from you on what accessibility features and functionality you would like to see from Fridai, here are three ways you can add your voice to our development:

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Focusing on Accessibility

Fridai is being developed using Accessibility Reference guides.

Through the use of voice control and machine learning technology, Fridai a truly useful and supportive companion that assists players with additional accessibility options including:

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Accessibility
  • Motor/Physical Accessibility
  • Blind and Low-Vision Accessibility
  • Color-Blindness Accessibility
  • Cognitive Accessibility

Current Accessibility Options

Game Rules

Visually impaired and cognitive accessibility

In-game knowledge base

Gamers can access the  game’s knowledge base repeatedly, access essential information, item images, quests – removing the frustration from not knowing how to proceed in games.


Visually impaired and cognitive accessibility

Subtitles, images texts

Everything Fridai says or does can be tracked using an overlay we created for the games, so you can always see what Fridai is doing or how it understands what you are saying.


Low vision, hard of hearing accessibility

Tutorial - any time

You can just ask Fridai about important information about the game, in case you need the information from the tutorial again

Upcoming Accessibility Options

Game Analysis

Motor/Physical accessibility

Pressing mapped keys

Fridai can press, toggle and even hold down buttons depending on what you need doing. This way you can access the keys you could not remap


Motor/Physical accessibility

Access menu navigation

If you ever had a problem with controlling the menu in the game, Fridai is with you. Just tell Fridai you want to save the game, open the map or even pause and Fridai accesses the menu for you and navigates, too.


Color blindness, low vision accessibility

Controlling visual elements

Say good-bye to the back and forth of  figuring out the settings from the menu, just tell Fridai to change the video settings and you will see the results real time, to make it comfortable for you.

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Fridai - Project Ambitious case study

Our case study shows how the game “Revn” has been using Fridai as an integrated solution and the results generated.

It is a useful read if you want to understand more about how active game time, pre-, in- and post-game engagement affects revenues.