Fridai @ Beyond Games

Mark J. Engelhardt, co-founder and CEO @ Fridai will be one of the panelists at Beyond Games

Berlin, 5 May, 2021 

Amazing European AI games start-up Fridai makes its debut at Beyond Game – Exploring the future of interactive entertainment on May 11th at 5:50 pm CEST (4:50 pm GMT). Fridai has been invited by the organizers to a panel discussion (Tech 3.0), where the guests will  look at the technological advancements that are shaping the way we create. The Berlin-based startup has generated quite a buzz since the launch of their latest version of Fridai as they put heavy focus on accessibility in games.

The story starts in Berlin in 2019. A simple idea is developed by friends (and hardcore gamers) Mark Englehardt, Adam Balogh and Balint Mrakovics was voted Voice Product of the Year by Product Hunt. In 2021, Fridai is bringing even more to the gamer. “We have created a tool where the player never needs to leave their screen to explore strategies or gather hints or tips on how to play,” CEO Mark Engelhardt says. “This is the ultimate in voice intelligence for everybody.”

Besides an increasing competition for endless strategies and solutions, 3 trends are driving game development and gameplay for 2021: voice assistants, coaches and companions to allow as many gamers close to the action as possible. Game publishers and developers therefore could generate not only more data than ever but also open doors to gamers with accessibility issues.

Want to know more? Join the panel discussion “Tech 3.0” where Mark will be discussing Fridai’s role in how we connect with the technology of the future – not next year or in 5 years – but tomorrow! “This is such a great opportunity for Fridai, it’s an honour to be acknowledged this way. We’re super-stoked to be involved with this online event. I’m hoping our approach towards accessibility will become an industry standard rapidly” says Engelhardt.

Fridai is a totally hands-free player-centric downloadable service to get your head in the game. It’s a friendly AI companion that sits in the background of your system, awaiting your command. It works with a variety of software and games, and has an ever-expanding library of skills.

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