How to use "Flip a coin" with Fridai?

This video shows you how to use Fridai when in doubt during a game. There are certain moments where you need to do quick decisions, and you simply cannot decide. This small gig helps you to decide faster without leaving the game. 

Who is it for?

If you like RPG’s, but you don’t like the decisions you sometimes need to make, than this skill will be a great help for you.

When you say “Hey Friday”, Fridai activates as an overlay and you can speak, while your game is running.

What to ask?

You can simply ask Fridai to flip a coin for you, and Fridai will answer wether it’s heads or tails. Just don’t forget to assign heads and tails to something. 😉

Besides flipping a coun, you can still use Fridai for asking questions, taking a short video or take a screenshot.

Fridai - Project Ambitious case study

Our case study shows how the game “Revn” has been using Fridai as an integrated solution and the results generated.

It is a useful read if you want to understand more about how active game time, pre-, in- and post-game engagement affects revenues.