Learn FIFA20 tricks with Fridai

This video shows you how to use Fridai and to get to know and perform tricks and tactics in FIFA20. We understand that whenever you forget something you need to pause the game and look for the right move combination in the settings menu, but no more of that with Fridai.

Who is it for?

Basically everyone who either just got started with FIFA20 or just do not want to keep looking up the tricks or star levels online should use Fridai.

When you say “Hey Friday”, Fridai activates as an overlay and you can speak, while Fifa is running – as you can see on this image.

What to ask?

We have taught Fridai most of the tricks 1,2,3,4 or 5 star players can do, while you can also ask for specific tricks.

So if you ask Fridai to show you let’s say 3 star moves, he will do it, then you can ask for the specific trick.

Besides the tricks, you can create a screenshot or a video using Fridai while you are playing Fifa.

Fifa20 tricks Fridai knows today. More coming...

How To Pass
How To Do A Dummy Pass
How To Do A Fake Pass
How To Do A Scoop Lob
How To Do A Low Cross
How To Move
How To Sprint
How To Shield The Ball
How To Do A Skill Move
How To Shoot
How To Do A Chip Shot
How To Do A Bicycle Kick
How To Call For Defender
How To Juggle The Ball
How To Do A Tackle
How To Do A Sliding Tackle
How To Call The Goalkeeper Out
How To Shoot A Penalty
How To Jockey
How To Change The Gameplan?
One Star Moves
Show Me One Star Moves
1 Star Moves
Two Star Moves
Show Me Two Star Moves
2 Star Moves
Three Star Moves
Show Me Three Star Moves
3 Star Moves
Four Star Moves
Show Me Four Star Moves
4 Star Moves
Five Star Moves
Show Me Five Star Moves
5 Star Moves
Ball Juggle
Foot Fake
Cruyff Turn
Stepover Right
Step Over Right
Stepover Left
Step Over Left
Drag Back
Heel Flick
Roulette Right
Roulette Left
Heel To Heel Flick
Simple Rainbow
Flair Roulette [New]
Hocus Pocus
Sombrero Flick


Poor Alligator Skin1.4
Good Alligator Skin2.1
Perfect Alligator Skin3.5
Big Game Meat0.75
Alligator Tooth0.4
Poor Alligator Carcass2.6
Good Alligator Carcass3.9
Perfect Alligator Carcass6.5
Legendary Alligator Skin50
Poor Armadillo Skin0.44
Good Armadillo Skin0.66
Perfect Armadillo Skin1.1
Stringy Meat0.25
Poor Armadillo Carcass1
Good Armadillo Carcass1.5
Perfect Armadillo Carcass2.5
Poor Badger Pelt0.5
Good Badger Pelt0.75
Perfect Badger Pelt1.25
Stringy Meat0.25
Badger Claw0.25
Poor Badger Carcass1.2
Good Badger Carcass1.8
Perfect Badger Carcass3
Stringy Meat0.25
Bat Wing0.15
Poor Bat Carcass0.3
Good Bat Carcass0.45
Perfect Bat Carcass0.75
Poor Bear Fur3
Good Bear Fur4.5
Perfect Bear Fur7.5
Animal Fat0.25
Bear Claw1.5
Big Game Meat0.75
Legendary Bear Pelt60
Poor Beaver Fur1
Good Beaver Fur1.5
Perfect Beaver Fur2.5
Animal Fat0.25
Scent Glands0.25
Stringy Meat0.25
Poor Beaver Carcass2.1
Good Beaver Carcass3.15
Perfect Beaver Carcass5.25
Legendary Beaver Pelt18
Legendary Beaver Carcass19
Poor Bison Fur2
Good Bison Fur3
Perfect Bison Fur5
Bison Horns0.75
Prime Beef0.6
Legendary Tatanka Bison Pelt32.5
Legendary White Bison Pelt32.5
Poor Black Bear Fur1.4
Good Black Bear Fur2.1
Perfect Black Bear Fur3.5
Animal Fat0.25
Black Bear Claw0.6
Big Game Meat0.75
Blue Jay Feather0.3
Flight Feather0.15
Gamey Bird Meat0.25
Poor Blue Jay Carcass0.4
Good Blue Jay Carcass0.6
Perfect Blue Jay Carcass1
Poor Boar Skin0.84
Good Boar Skin1.26
Perfect Boar Skin2.1
Animal Fat0.25
Tender Pork Loin0.6
Legendary Boar Pelt22
Booby Feather0.45
Flight Feather0.15
Gamey Bird Meat0.25
Poor Booby Carcass0.5
Good Booby Carcass0.75
Perfect Booby Carcass1.25
Poor Buck Fur1.3
Good Buck Fur1.95
Perfect Buck Fur3.25
Buck Antlers1.05
Mature Venison0.6
Poor Buck Carcass4
Good Buck Carcass6
Perfect Buck Carcass10
Legendary Buck Pelt29
Legendary Buck Carcass31.5
Poor Bull Hide1.4
Good Bull Hide2.1
Perfect Bull Hide3.5
Bull Horns0.45
Prime Beef0.6
Herptile Meat0.25
Poor Bullfrog Carcass0.2
Good Bullfrog Carcass0.3
Perfect Bullfrog Carcass0.5
Cardinal Feather0.3
Flight Feather0.15
Gamey Bird Meat0.25
Poor Booby Carcass0.4
Good Booby Carcass0.6
Perfect Booby Carcass1
Chicken Feather0.3
Plump Bird Meat0.4
Poor Chicken Carcass0.7
Good Chicken Carcass1.05
Perfect Chicken Carcass1.75
Stringy Meat0.25
Poor Chipmunk Carcass0.2
Good Chipmunk Carcass0.3
Perfect Chipmunk Carcass0.5
Condor Feather1.5
Flight Feather0.15
Gamey Bird Meat0.25
Poor Condor Carcass1.3
Good Condor Carcass1.95
Perfect Condor Carcass3.25
Cormorant Feather1.2
Flight Feather0.15
Gamey Bird Meat0.25
Poor Cormorant Carcass1.1
Good Cormorant Carcass1.65
Perfect Cormorant Carcass2.75
Poor Cougar Fur2
Good Cougar Fur3
Perfect Cougar Fur5
Big Game Meat0.75
Cougar Fang0.5
Poor Cougar Carcass5.4
Good Cougar Carcass8.1
Perfect Cougar Carcass13.5
Legendary Cougar Pelt47
Legendary Cougar Carcass50
Poor Cow Hide1
Good Cow Hide1.5
Perfect Cow Hide2.5
Prime Beef0.6
Poor Coyote Fur0.6
Good Coyote Fur0.9
Perfect Coyote Fur1.5
Stringy Meat0.25
Poor Coyote Carcass1.4
Good Coyote Carcass2.1
Perfect Coyote Carcass3.5
Legendary Coyote Pelt22
Legendary Coyote Carcass22.75
Crustacean Meat0.4
Poor Crab Carcass0.2
Good Crab Carcass0.3
Perfect Crab Carcass0.5
Crane Feather1.2
Flight Feather0.15
Gamey Bird Meat0.25
Poor Crane Carcass1.1
Good Crane Carcass1.65
Perfect Crane Carcass2.75
Crow Feather0.3
Flight Feather0.15
Gamey Bird Meat0.25
Poor Crow Carcass0.4
Good Crow Carcass0.6
Perfect Crow Carcass1
Poor Deer Hide0.9
Good Deer Hide1.35
Perfect Deer Hide2.25
Mature Venison0.6
Poor Deer Carcass2.8
Good Deer Carcass4.2
Perfect Deer Carcass7
Duck Feather0.3
Flight Feather0.15
Animal Fat0.25
Game Meat0.6
Poor Duck Carcass1.1
Good Duck Carcass1.65
Perfect Duck Carcass2.75
Eagle Feather1.5
Flight Feather0.15
Eagle Talon0.25
Gamey Bird Meat0.25
Poor Eagle Carcass1.4
Good Eagle Carcass2.1
Perfect Eagle Carcass3.5
Reddish Egret Plume1.75
Little Egret Plume2
Snowy Egret Plume2.5
Flight Feather0.15
Gamey Bird Meat0.25
Poor Egret Carcass1.4
Good Egret Carcass2.1
Perfect Egret Carcass3.5
Poor Elk Pelt2.6
Good Elk Pelt3.9
Perfect Elk Pelt6.5
Elk Antlers1.35
Mature Venison0.6
Legendary Elk Pelt33
Poor Fox Fur0.9
Good Fox Fur1.35
Perfect Fox Fur2.25
Stringy Meat0.25
Poor Fox Carcass1.8
Good Fox Carcass2.7
Perfect Fox Carcass4.5
Legendary Fox Pelt22
Legendary Fox Carcass22.75
Poor Gila Skin0.5
Good Gila Skin0.75
Perfect Gila Skin1.25
Herptile Meat0.25
Poor Gila Carcass1.1
Good Gila Carcass1.65
Perfect Gila Carcass2.75
Poor Goat Hair0.8
Good Goat Hair1.2
Perfect Goat Hair2
Gristly Mutton0.25
Poor Goat Carcass1.9
Good Goat Carcass2.85
Perfect Goat Carcass4.75
Goose Feather0.45
Flight Feather0.15
Animal Fat0.25
Plump Bird Meat0.4
Poor Goose Carcass1
Good Goose Carcass1.5
Perfect Goose Carcass2.5
Seagull Feather0.3
Flight Feather0.15
Gamey Bird Meat0.25
Poor Seagull Carcass0.6
Good Seagull Carcass0.9
Perfect Seagull Carcass1.5
Hawk Feather1.5
Flight Feather0.15
Gamey Bird Meat0.25
Poor Hawk Carcass1.3
Good Hawk Carcass1.95
Perfect Hawk Carcass3.25
Heron Feather1.5
Flight Feather0.15
Gamey Bird Meat0.25
Poor Heron Carcass1.3
Good Heron Carcass1.95
Perfect Heron Carcass3.25
Poor Iguana Skin0.46
Good Iguana Skin0.69
Perfect Iguana Skin1.15
Herptile Meat0.25
Poor Iguana Carcass1
Good Iguana Carcass1.5
Perfect Iguana Carcass2.5

Fridai - Project Ambitious case study

Our case study shows how the game “Revn” has been using Fridai as an integrated solution and the results generated.

It is a useful read if you want to understand more about how active game time, pre-, in- and post-game engagement affects revenues.