Fridai Audio Drops Streamer Challenge

Gotta farm ‘em all!

Do you play Escape from Tarkov? If yes, this is your lucky day. As an experimental feature called Audio Drops is coming to Fridai, we decided to run a quick campaign beforehand.🙌

We have started working with one of the best Escape from Tarkov streamers we know of and she is helping us make sure this campaign and feature will be done in the best possible way, so you enjoy it and streamers can also benefit from this new type of challenge.👍

😍 Think of this as a treasure hunt. For finding specific in-game moments, you unlock collectible audio drops left by our streamer, containing guides on how to finish off the bosses. This is for starters and the possibilities are endless!😍

Here’s the description:

For a while Escape from Tarkov players have been commenting around the game being “grindy” as it’s missing new quests and you’re sometimes even aimlessly wandering around in the current season. So, we decided to run this challenge!

All you need to do is go play the game, take screenshots (either with or without Fridai) of in-game moments, more specifically of the bosses or their surroundings and post them here to our Discord in the #🎁beltazor-audio-drops-with-fridai🎁 channel.

For even more points follow our friend beltazor on Twitch and post to her Discord, too.:heart_eyes:

An Escape from Tarkov EOD package or cash equivalent.🎁

👏Rules of the challenge:

✅Go to the boss spawn spots! Then enter a raid and take a screenshot of the spawn points of the bosses, cultists and raiders. → We’ve posted examples of these to our Discord channel

✅The fact that the raid happened ONLINE has to be visible and verifiable

✅After each screenshot post, you’ll get an audio drop from beltazor in English or Hungarian (depending on your choice) describing the situation and even giving tips and tricks. Make sure you collect these in case you’d want to listen to them later or just hold on to them 😉

You get points for:

🥳Screenshot sent to beltazor Discord: 1 point/boss

🥳Screenshot sent to beltazor’s Discord, where the boss is
actually visible: 2 points/boss

🥳Screenshot sent to Fridai Discord: 1 point/boss

🥳:Screenshot sent to Fridai’s Discord, where the boss is actually visible: 2 points/boss

TIP – For max points, you’d send to both Discords, both with the bosses visible and not visible! 😉 )

🥳 Follow beltazor on Twitch: 1 point

🥳 Follow Fridai on Twitch: 1 point


1st place: EOD package OR if you already have that, you’ll get its cash equivalent through PayPal
2nd place: Standard edition OR if you already have that, you’ll get its cash equivalent through PayPal

Starting 30th April until the 14th May, midnight! Make sure you send in all your screenshots by then 😉

In order to participate in the game, you don’t need to have Fridai installed, however it’s much appreciated if you have it and even take the screenshots with it! Additionally we can give plus points for helping us with testing! ^^ :heart_eyes:

All the links you need:
Beltazor Discord:
Fridai Discord:
Beltazor Twitch:
Fridai Twitch:

Let’s start collecting audio drops @everyone , if it becomes something you like, we’ll do even more with more streamers!!! 💣🎉🎉

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