Red Dead Redemption 2 with Fridai

When I started Red Dead Redemption 2, I didn’t think I’d be putting as much focus into the hunting aspect as I ended up doing. I would randomly run into an animal, skin it, and move on with the story. If you already player Red Dead 2, you know that hunting is so freaking deep and enjoyable, you can end up putting hours into just wandering in the wilderness.

Then Red Dead Online came along. In the online mode, money is harder to come by and hunting is one of the most lucrative methods for sure. Also, there’s just something so relaxing about hunting animals in a living breathing world where the person next to you might run off to rob a train…

Even though Rockstar explains the hunting mechanics very well, it’s hard to retain all information in mind. It was annoying to look away from the game to look up animal locations, which weapons to use on which animals, etc..

Using Fridai for Hunting

Whenever I hunt, I prefer my horse to a hunting wagon. I know that I can stow a lot more on the wagon, but the speed of the cart kinda keeps me away from using it. The issue with sticking with my sturdy horse is that I need to be very picky on which animal I go after… Would be cool if someone could tell me which animal is worth the ride, wouldn’t it? 🙂

I was just finishing up my elk hunt in the north area of West Elizabeth when I came across a pack of wolves. Fortunately, my bolt action rifle did the trick, and all four of them met their end in a minute.

Now I knew my perfect Elk pelt probably worth a lot, but I needed to check if leaving the pelt for a perfect wolf carcass would worth it.

I just said “Hey Fridai, how much is a wolf worth?” Fridai told me that I can get $5,25 for a perfect one. So I went ahead for a quick check “Hey Fridai, how much is the Elk pelt?”

Elk pelt & part prices by Fridai

Fridai quickly told me that for just the perfect pelt of en Elk, I can get $6,50, plus the Antler and Venison worth $2,15. Another cool thing: Fridai also shows me the pricing table, so I can check out my options.

So my Intelligent Gaming Companion just reassured me that I should not leave the Elk pelt and parts for the Wolf. This was so much more convenient than using my smartphone or alt-tabbing out and googling the values. Thanks, Fridai 🙂

After selling the Elk materials to the Butcher in Strawberry, I’ve decided it’s time to hunt a cougar.

Learning from my previous experience, I choose not to google anything, but just simply ask Fridai: “Hey Fridai, where is a cougar?” Fridai told me immediately that South of Blackwater or North of Tumbleweed is a great place to look for them. It’s been a long time since I rode to Tumbleweed anyways, so I decided to visit the iconic town one again.

As Fridai said, I found the Cougar North of the town. After landing a perfect shot to its head, I realized that the animal itself was only a good quality one, and not a perfect one. I saw some pronghorns nearby, so I asked Fridai how much I could get for them. A perfect one would be $6.50… So should I drop the good cougar and just go for a pronghorn?

“Hey Fridai, how much is the cougar?” As Fridai showed me on a pricing table, I can still get $8,10 for a good cougar carcass, so I decided to run back to the butcher in Tumbleweed, and make the quick sell.

Cougar carcass & parts prices by Fridai

Once again, this was so much faster and more convenient than searching for the information on the internet. I can get animal locations and also the butcher prices without leaving the game. I don’t think I want to play Red Dead Online without Fridai ever again :).

How to get Fridai?

When you’re ready to play some Red Dead Redemption 2 without needing to go on fifty different ad-filled websites for information, just 

  1. Go to or search for Hello Fridai in the Microsoft Store
  2. Download & signup & login
  3. Run Red Dead Redemption 2 (Fridai understands which game you are playing at the moment, thus finding the right context is instant) 
  4. Ask things like“Hey Fridai, where is a Cougar?”  or “Hey Fridai, how much is the Cougar?” or “Hey Fridai, how to kill the Cougar?” 
  5. Have fun playing your game without having to leave it

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