3 Ways A Gamer Assistant Can Help Fight COVID-19

Late 2019 marked the genesis of a disease outbreak that would throw the entire world in confusion a few months later. As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, its crises, no matter how ugly and ruthless they look, they have a positive side. “Positive side? Are you crazy?” you ask. Well, honestly speaking, blessings can exist amid catastrophes. COVID19 calamities present one advantage: they lead to the invention of new solutions to problems prevailing in different spheres of life, especially as a result of coronavirus disease. People and organizations across the globe have joined hands to fight this pandemic and restore the world to normalcy soonest possible.

The gaming industry has not been left behind in this war, with gaming assistants playing one role or another in the fight. A gaming assistant automates the tasks that would otherwise need your input and effort in your gaming life. Take a screenshot of your game screen. Get information on how to make the best shot or even buy skins. All these tasks and many more don’t require you to press any button if a powerful game assistant such as Fridai is integrated into your gaming life. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the assistant can help the world fight COVID19 and other pandemics that might be coming in the future.

How can it assist?

Doubting if there’s any way in which a gamer assistant can potentially help fight COVID19? Well, it can in the following three ways:

1. Contributing decentralized computing power for research purposes

Lots of research is underway as scientists look for an effective and safe treatment or vaccine for the coronavirus. Researchers need more and more CPU and GPU cycles to help them carry out research to understand and describe the protein arrangement inside the virus cells. This process is known as protein folding. With the knowledge, biology experts will be in a better position to develop a treatment for the disease. Gaming PCs are among the highest-performing computers, which are much needed in such critical scientific studies. These Computers can contribute faster to the cause as compared to ordinary PCs.

A gamer assistant can use the idle CPU and GPU cycles from thousands of users’ computers worldwide to create a protein folding and computational drug design simulation. Unfortunately, this intervention is not possible with virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant because of their hardware limitations. But since Fridai lives in your PC, it can be counted on in this noble contribution without any disappointments. It can submit about 5% to 15% of the computers’ power to the coronavirus research laboratories to help researchers perform the calculations needed in the development of the COVID 19 treatment.

2. Providing psychological support

From job losses and restricted human interactions to dealing with the disease itself, there are many factors that increase people’s vulnerability to mental health issues during these troubling times. As such, mental health support and monitoring are of great importance to help people cope with the impacts of the pandemic. Fortunately, a gamer assistant can play a significant role in the protection of psychological wellbeing of its users through cognitive behavior therapy.

For instance, considering Fridai is powered by artificial intelligence, it is capable of doing many tasks that require human intelligence. It can recognize and respond to your voice and make the right decisions. With this ability, the game assistant can offer you cognitive behavioral therapy during this distressing time. This psychotherapeutic treatment involves talking to a person to help them recognize and change thought patterns that can negatively affect their behavior and emotions. It offers great mental relief to people suffering from anxiety or depression.

Inspired by the cognitive behavior therapy framework, a gaming assistant such as Fridai can ask you how you are feeling and about your personal experiences during the outbreak. Based on your answers, the game assistant will use its artificial intelligence to determine and recommend to you the tools that can help you keep your mental health in good shape. You want someone to tell you that everything shall be okay soon and remind you how strong you are? Well, just say, “Fridai tell me everything shall be okay soon” or “Fridai, tell me that I’m a strong person”. Your AI companion is by your side to reassure you to feel better and more optimistic.

3. Supporting social distancing and minimizing physical contact

Social distancing is among the key measures that people are advised to observe to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus. Everybody is urged to maintain at least a one-meter physical distance from the next person, especially in public spaces. Besides, people are encouraged to minimize physical contact with their touch devices as much as they can. A gamer assistant can help in this as well as it enables reduced touching of gaming devices by supporting voice commands.

Through the assistant, you can get nearly everything you need in gaming life without having to come into contact with touch interfaces. Whether you want to update your Steam status, share multimedia files, take a screenshot, get help with something, start a game or take notes, all you need is to talk to the obedient and intuitive virtual assistant, and it will get things done immediately without your manual input. As Fridai gets more and more features, gamers need to touch less and less stuff in their homes.

When it comes to social distancing, an AI-powered game assistant such as Fridai can help you to remain calm and comfortable even as you minimize close interactions with your buddies, colleagues and (some of) your family members. Besides providing cognitive behavior therapy, it can also give you various recommendations depending on your gaming behavior to spice up your gaming experiences. Therefore, you can have great fun in the comfort of your home.

There is an enormous potential for a gaming assistant to help the world fight COVID19 pandemic, thanks to artificial intelligence. It’s big time gamers and game publishers join the fight by embracing this revolutionary gaming technology.

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