The Gamer Assistant

A voice assistant delivering the unique experience of undisrupted gaming sessions and personalized gaming.  Fridai is like having a friend sitting next to you while gaming to help you with whatever you need so you can focus on immersing yourself in your favorite games.

This is what makes Fridai the perfect gaming companion.

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The Voice Assistant For Gamers

A platform to unlock your full gaming potential with a voice assistant that’s ready to be your gaming companion.

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Who is Fridai?

An AI powered virtual assistant living in your PC and smartphone ready to help you with your gaming life. Fridai is the future of truly personalized gaming and provides frictionless, speedy access to everything you need, because remember:

“You just need to say the word.”

The technology behind Fridai is capable of understanding the context of speech, learns from the users and most importantly there is no new interface you need to get used to, you can use it in the most natural way.

Why are we building Fridai?

Fridai is the gamer assistant built for gamers – by gamers. 

We understand gaming is an epic experience. Us, gamers give the games our full attention, because it’s needed to command the various elements, allies and even complex tools gamers have at their disposal. Therefore anything that disturbs this experience is super frustrating.

With Fridai, the gamer assistant we use the most natural extension of gaming – voice access – to create voice enabled tools for gamers and transform the gaming experience into a seamless, frictionless one.




Your Dashboard, Your Voice

Fridai is voice activated, to use him you only need to speak to him. And he is all about helping you the best way possible – and no more switching screens while playing.

  • Connect your games you play, and Fridai begins to understand your gaming style and take screenshots and short videos when you tell him to!
  • Connect your social accounts, and post to your social media channels just by telling Fridai!
  • Should there be anything missing, more skills to your Fridai will be available through the Gamer Voice Store, soon 😉

Example phrases

Fridai listens to your voice and does what you ask him to. Here are some of the example phrases you can tell your Fridai in the first release:

  • “Take this screenshot and post it.”
  • “Quick video”
  • “Fridai, I am playing Hunt: Showdown”
  • “Fridai, playing League!”
  • “Fridai, I’m playing Overwatch”

    Help us by sending more phrases you’d like to use to control your Fridai while you’re playing and we translate them into features – just join our Discord.

For those of you without a Discord channel, here is an idea sheet.

yourself and his creators

With Fridai we are at the beginning of our journey to create a truly awesome personalized, virtual gaming assistant for everyone. And with the help of all you gamers we can make this happen.
We will start small but make sure to build 
Fridai in a way so he will not disappoint you.

Fridai Powered Teams