Keep your head in the game without interruptions

Keep your head in the game without interruptions

Fridai is an A.I.-powered voice assistant made for gamers,with never-lagging love.

Take a screenshot without pressing any buttons.
Interact with your stream while you keep your hands on the game.
Get walkthroughs when you’re stuck without having to find a wiki.

And this is just Fridai’s first level of many…



Minecraft, FIFA20, Hunt, Red Dead Redemption 2, Revn



Screenshots, videos, app launcher, Spotify

3 mil

Hours spent

Fridai actively used during gaming

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We have some videos to show you how Fridai works with different games

The ultimate Fridai video

It has been a long-time request to us to create a video showing how we imagine Fridai becomes a part of your gaming life. Well, we have listened.

Get popcorn and enjoy. (It’s like 2:16 minutes so…)

If you need more, access our whole channel below:

Your Gaming Companion

Fridai loves gaming as much as you do.

Fridai knows you buy a bunch of games in the Steam sale and never play them – but doesn’t judge. Fridai is a sassy, supportive and super-helpful assistant that’s always on your team and prepared for battle.

Fridai learns from you as you interact with it. With new features and integrations added constantly, Fridai’s always levelling up alongside you. No DLC, no microtransactions, and no lootboxes – just gaming!

Fridai could not happen without

Fridai - Project Ambitious case study

Our case study shows how the game “Revn” has been using Fridai as an integrated solution and the results generated.

It is a useful read if you want to understand more about how active game time, pre-, in- and post-game engagement affects revenues.